How to get the Verified Tick on Twitter as a Blogger in Three Easy Steps

How to get a verified blue tick on twitter as a blogger. This is a stock image of the word 'twitter' spelled out in scrabble tiles on a wooden table.

Regular Twitter users will know that a blue verified tick next to your name means that you are verified.  However many wonder who is verified and the reason why.  Twitter suggests that those who get verified tick are authentic public interest accounts. Therefore it applies to users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. In this post I want to share how to get verified on Twitter as a blogger in three easy steps and how the process works.

The blue tick is applied by Twitter and it is their decision on who can get the verified tick. To apply for verification you submit an online form and identification is also required.

How to get a verified blue tick on twitter as a blogger. This is a stock image of the word 'twitter' spelled out in scrabble tiles on a wooden table.

Why does it matter?

The blue verified tick is a sign of authority and for bloggers and writers could potentially lead to more work.  It demonstrates that you have authority in your field.

Recently I was verified and I spotted the tick had appeared next to my name.  I had no notification and it was about five days after I had completed the online form. This past week I have had new followers and most were from other blue tick tweeters.  This suggests that it does attract more followers and hopefully will help my blog grow even more.

What did I say to get the verified tick?

  1. The form asks for basic details which require no thinking about, just personal details.  However the second section asks for links to examples of your writing.  This is key for bloggers and I believe that Twitter are looking for more influence than just your writing on your personal blog.  I applied and linked to a piece I have had published in Femail Online, where I wrote a first person piece.
  2. Secondly, I linked to a website where I have written educational articles as a educational specialist (I am a qualified teacher). Next, I linked to where I have been featured in the media.  Finally, I linked to my blogs.
  3. The third section allows you to write a paragraph to support your application.  In my paragraph I explained how I am a freelance writer in addition to the blog writing.  I explained that it is a full time job for me.  Finally, I suggested how I have influence and demonstrated that my blog tells an important story that needs to be shared.  I focussed on my daughter’s hip operations and that I am an influence and spokesperson in this area.

And that was the job done!  I then sat back and was rewarded with my tick. 

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