Tips To Get People To Read Your Blog Posts

The main reason that people write is simply because they have a passion for the written word and love leaving their mark on paper (or internet sites in today’s day and age). However, it is always a boon when you are also paid for your writing skills. Many individuals are able to be financially compensated for their writing on content websites. Yet no matter how excellently written or interesting an article may be, if it isn’t seen by potential viewers or doesn’t pop up in popular searches, then it will not get the page views or advertisement clicks a writer earns payments for. Listed below are some helpful ways to promote people to read your articles:

Write about interesting topics

One of the most important ways to get a solid amount of people reading your articles are to make sure that what you are reading is relevant, clear, and applicable to a wide variety of audiences. While you may enjoy writing about different kinds of dirt, such subject matter is much less likely to garner as much interest (or page views) as a hot topic like competing car brands. Once you have found a niche that you enjoy writing about and is popular at the same time, you will soon find more traffic on your website articles than ever before.

Choose your words carefully

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another aspect that writers must consider when choosing to write articles for money. SEO is a rather complex concept that involves placing important keywords throughout articles that will better enable search engines to pick up on your content. Although putting too many keywords is not a good thing (and may actually prove disadvantageous), selecting words that will attract readers’ attention is a surefire way to have people click on your articles.

Link back to other sites or articles

Another great tip to think about is to link any supplemental or helpful articles for readers within the article you are working on. For example, if a reader is interested in reading about baseball players’ stats, then it is likely they would want a link to a website or other article discussing players with the highest statistics. Whether you write such an article yourself or work with other writers to promote each other, linking back to your personal blog or written works online is a great way to gather an appreciative readership.

With the numerous search engines available today and a variety of different technological factors, it is not always easy to gather a wide group of people to read your articles. Nonetheless, by following these useful tips, one can better able themselves to promote their writing, make money, and ultimately offer their opinion and insight to the rest of the world.

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  1. Joleisa April 29, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for the ideas shared here. Gone are the days when just pretty pictures in a post were enough.
    Great tips.

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